The course is divided into 11 units, with a quiz at the end of each unit. You will have to pass each quiz in order to move onto the next unit. Once you have completed the units, there is a 30 question final exam you will need to pass in order to receive your Certificate of Completion. A score of 80% on the final test is passing. Once you have passed the final exam, a Certificate of Completion will be mailed to the address you have provided to us. You can then use the proof of completion for the purposes of obtaining your learner's permit and behind the wheel training.

Our course website requires that your web browser accept "cookies." The default setting for your web browser is to have cookies enabled, so unless you have disabled cookie handling, you may continue with the course.

While using the internet, users might get disconnected. Getting disconnected can be due to a lost carrier connection or your computer crashing. It is important to note that as you complete each of the required unit sections and unit tests, your progress will be recorded. If you are disconnected prior to finishing a unit section or while taking a unit test, you will have to go back to that unit section or test when you log in again. We cannot control you internet connection and are therefore not responsible for any issues regarding getting online or getting disconnected. If these issues do occur, it is advised that you contact your internet service provider.

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